Betty Boling-Stull

When I first started with the dizziness it was everytime I moved my head either way or got up or sat down. I went to Doctor Regland and he gave me a treatment and it helped when I looked to the left. I still had all the other symptons on the right side. I then went for therapy with MountainCrest Fyzical Therapy with Stewart Ong. After three weeks, I could move my head in any directions without getting dizzy or feeling that I will fall. Sleeping at night is now great, I don’t feel like I will fall out of bed and the room does not spin around. I am very impressed with the staff of Mountaincrest Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center and the therapy I received here. They are very thorough and do an excellent therapy. I am very grateful to them for helping me. I can now sit, stand, and turn without the fear of falling or getting sick to my stomach.


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