Barbara Jean Moore

Dec. 19, 2017
First day, I was walking slow because my back, lower and upper, hurt so bad. Shots in my back given a number of times, were not helping for any length of time. My pain level was 9-10; I would have paid a 20!!!! I couldn’t bend over or pick items of the floor. I couldn’t stand long, the pain was so bad. I had difficulty getting out of a chair or sleep well at night. My arthritis was so painful.
As of Jan. 19, 2018: I am feeling much better! My pain level is around a 3-4, and haven’t had to supplement with hydrocodone. I walk faster, stand longer, and sleep much better. Still have mild to medium low back pain. My upper back is much better also. I’m so glad I came, first wish I could get rid of the arthritis.


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