Wellness Program Bella Vista, AR

Wellness Program

In our clinic, we offer our patients and clients a monthly non committal gym membership for a nominal fee. Once you are discharged from your therapy, you have the option to come back and workout on your own to further restore your function or just to maintain your functional gains. Whatever your goal may be, we are here to help. Or equipment are state of the art, user friendly and carefully chosen to benefit the young and the aging joints. We have countless of standing and sitting ellipticals, octane full body elliptical, Sci-Fit and nu steps. We also have the free weights and the pulley system for strengthening to fit your needs.

We also offer comprehensive examination using our proprietary program called BODY Q.

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The numbers you use to measure your health are about to change. Now, in addition to cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure levels, you’ll want to keep track of your BODYQ®. It’s a new test revolutionizing the way you track your physical fitness and strength, developed by FYZICAL.

Major advances have occurred recently with a testing program that gives doctors and physical therapists information to keep patients healthy and functioning independently to the best of their abilities throughout their lives. This testing program is called BODYQ®.

As genetic testing offers you power of information about your inherent risk for disease, BODYQ®offers you power of information about your risk for injury, dysfunction and falls.

The power of knowing where you stand in terms of your total-body strength, balance, movement and posture will help you detect and prevent injury, illness, and even death.

BODYQ® is an integrated testing program addressing movement, function, general health, vision, hearing, balance, and recovery. Its primary function is to save you injury and damage down the road. The test will also help you in other ways, whether you want to increase your energy levels, recover from injury or illness, run your first 5K, lose 10 pounds, or just feel stronger. BODYQ® testing can jump start you on the way to achieving your goals.

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