Patient Testimonials

  • After my car accident the pain in my neck and shoulders was unbearable. Within a few visits it had greatly reduced and now is completely gone. My range of motion has also returned and is better than before the accident.

    Nick Russo

  • Always a good experience – all staff members are very knowledgeable about the therapy procedures I am doing. Much improvement – Can’t help but get better as long as I do what I am advised. Thanks everyone!

    Mary Jane Seigel

  • Before I started physical therapy I was having a pain in my back, that would bring me to my knees. After eighteen times of coming, I have not experienced that pain again. I am very happy with the results I am experiencing.

    Angela Remboldt

  • When I first came to Fyzical I was not sleeping at all. I would wake up 3-4 times a night in severe pain in my arm. All the therapists at Fyzical are great and know exactly what to do. I feel so much better, my shoulder still hurts from time to time, but not like it did months ago.

    Carol Fisher

  • I am much improved since coming here; much improved in every area but still many things below normal. I may have to live with that. The instructors are all very nice. I will probably try to continue here on my own.

    Clark Duncan

  • Satisfaction… I am very satisfied with my experience here for therapy. They have really helped me get relief from my neck and shoulder pain.

    Christa Fieber

  • Before PT, when I walk, I would tend to veer to the right or left. I am now more stable walking to the mailbox, which is on steep incline without holding on to my son, At 93, these changes are incredible.

    Marilyn Santa Cruz

  • When I arrived I could hardly move my neck in either direction. I am able today to move my neck in all directions. I appreciate the friendly helpful staff at Fyzical.

    Gail Wortz

  • I had severe pain and stiffness in lower back. After 2 treatments I have less pain and my back feels aligned properly.

    Steven L. Terry

  • On January 7, 2019, was at the doctor’s office, feeling I needed to see a back specialist. Instead, the next day I was in physical therapy. I was there to work on a spot in my back, that would give me excruciating pain that would bring me to my knees. After eighteen visits and strengthening my back muscles and becoming more flexible in my movements, to my relief. I am improving and not having to experience that pain again. Understanding the cause, and the results of my injury from bad posture when working. Improving and strengthening the back muscles, will be a continuous regimen, probably for years to come. I recommend Fyzical therapy to everyone who is suffering with pain. They really helped me improved and not hurting when I am in the kitchen cooking.

    Angela Remboldt

  • I have been very happy with my rehab here. In the month, 3 times a week I have seen improvement in the muscles and level of pain in the knee-leg. I would like to come back here after knee surgery, and MountainCrest Fyzical is rated #1 in the area. The PTA work very hard to help you and really care.

    Shirley Olson

  • I have more head stability. I don’t get as dizzy with head movements anymore. I “walk the line” better giving me heel/toe stability. I will continue the head movements at home.

    Lorrayne Maki

  • I came here because I was falling and stumbling when walking on unfamiliar surfaces. I think the staff has been very caring during my visits. All the staff has treated me with kindness and understanding. We worked and laughed together. I feel much more confident out and about now. I have this going on in my brain as I venture out. “Remember what you learned, pick up your feet and be confident.”

    Valerie Katz

  • My balance was not good at first although I had not fallen. With all the different therapy routines they had for me I was confident my balance would be 100% at the end of my sessions and it was!!!

    Nancy Ortman

  • Started with dizziness and vertigo. Then misstepping on curbs. I have trouble walking in a straight line even in familiar surroundings. I have to hang onto countertops and back of chairs and couches before. I have more confidence – much more! I walk into home without touching things as I move now. My balance has improved and I am not afraid to even close my eyes.

    Dolores Kutella

  • The first day I came here, I felt so confused. I was having so much dizziness and was losing my balance a lot even though I did not go down. I really feel that I have improved with PT. My memory has returned. I am staying in my lane when I am driving now. Me and my wife were talking to each other about how straight I was walking and not having the dizziness. I would highly recommend Fyzical to everyone.

    Arnold Jacobson

  • I have had 18 sessions and I have more strength in the legs. Came in and I can’t get up without using my hands to push up but now I am able to get up to stand without using my arms and hands to push. The people here are nice to work with and I have enjoyed my time here.

    George Shanahan

  • I have more confidence in doing more activities, I walk better with more confidence, read a book with both eyes open. My movement backwards was a problem and since I have had the treatment, I feel more confident. It has been very helpful, and I will have a better quality of life. I tell all my friends and anyone who I think would benefit from this treatment with Fyzical. I had treatment elsewhere and it did not helped. Thank you Fyzical Therapy.

    Marvin Higginbottom

  • Thank you is not enough. I was having severe back, pelvis, and thigh pain for the last 13 years. Stewart and his fantastic staff cured me! In 20+ sessions and knowledgeable treatments, I have no pain as you guys have done an excellent job. I would thank you again and of course recommend your center to all I know or meet.

    Mahmoud El-khatib

  • Before therapy, it was getting hard to get up from sitting to standing. With therapy, I have regained my ability to stand straight and walk straight. Most important, I have been able to get up from a seated position. I had cramping in the lower and mid back before, it is now gone. My leg and thigh strength are greatly improved.

    Joseph Stephens

  • When I started P.T., walking was very difficult with a dog. I forced myself to walk at least a couple of houses. Now, after intensive therapy, I can enjoy walking again and we go about ½ mile at a time – 2-3 times daily. I feel better with less pain, more energy. Thanks to all your team for the info they have given me so hopefully, I can maintain this level of comfort for the rest of my life.

    Norma Staley

  • My experience here has been very beneficial, following my back surgery. I had not been too impressed with previous physical therapy experiences elsewhere, but the people here changed my mind. The personal care that Jackie and Stewart provided proved to be very helpful and without their help and guidance, I don’t think I would be as far along in recovery as I have. I intend to continue my recovery be way of the monthly membership.

    Mike McCraken

  • I came because of being hit by a car and can’t   believe how much everyone here helped get me back to where I was, becoming pain free, and then had to do CPR and made my pain worse again until Patrick did all the work on my back and now I’m able to do more than I could at the beginning. Thank you for all you did.

    Karen Kerr

  • I have had chronic back problems with L-4, L-5, S-1, SI joints and piriformis muscles for 25+ years. When I first came to Fyzical, I was unable to bend, stand, sit or lay for any length of time. I was put through a “back” regime that was monitored 3 times a week – 24 visits.

    Through time, all leg pain was eliminated, and the piriformis muscle pain was gone! As of now, discharge day, my pain is minimal, and I will be coming back on my own to the gym to maintain. I look forward to enjoying the rest of my summer, swimming, walking, and playing with my grandkids.

    Sheryl Jegen

  • My legs are straighter than they have been in years, my strength and stamina have both increased greatly since I started therapy here. I am able to feel some sensation also to my thighs which I never had since my accident.

    Toni Greeton

  • I came in here 2 years ago on a walker and now I am doing everyday activities. I come back every three months or so just to maintain my ability to continue to do things I enjoy. Thank you, Stewart and team, for making my life enjoyable again!

    Don Culp

  • I first came to Fyzical because of severe pain in back and right leg.  I took a lot of pain meds, after completion of my therapy I only take pain meds once in a while to sleep.  I feel pretty much pain-free now.

    Sandra Erdmann

  • Before PT I was very unbalanced, especially bending over and looking up.  I sometimes would lose my balance just by turning around. Since PT I am much better at bending over and stooping.

    The Juvent machine is wonderful!  So relaxing!

    Salley Leffler

  • Prior to my treatments my dizzy spells were impacting my sleep and waking hours.  After 7 weeks my balance is almost perfect, and I feel quite confident in my everyday activities and have no sleep problems as caused by the crystal imperfections.

    Dick Steck

  • When I fell I was in a lot of pain most of the time, if I moved or not.  Now I am pain-free.

    Pat Woolsey

  • Today was my 1st visit.  I have lived with ongoing pain in my lower back, neck and sciatic nerve (left rear).  Today I worked with Stewart, He is wonderful.  I feel better today than I have in years after treatment.  In a nutshell, I now have hope that I haven’t had for almost 9 years.  I can’t wait to be the next success story!

    Mary Ann McCracken

  • When I started PT, I needed a cane just to walk.  I had lots of pain with my right hip.  I had a stroke 4 years ago and my right side was affected the most.  As I am finishing my therapy, I no longer have hip pain and I don’t need a cane to get around.  I have muscle strength again, for the first time in 4 years.  I am so grateful and feel so alive again.

    Thanks, Guys!

    Mary Ellen Holley

  • My greatest issue was lower back problems brought on by daily housework, mostly in the kitchen.  Once the pain set in, I had pain problems for several days.  I wanted to learn how to manage my pain.  The staff here has been very aggressive with helping me.  I feel that now I can exercise at home and manage my pain.  Everyone has been consistent and has treated me with care.

    Thanks for a good treatment!

    Janice Laporte

  • My neck movement was very limited, and I had pain in my neck every time I moved it.  Now my neck pain is gone, and I have increased range of motion with very little discomfort.

    Harvey Klitzke

  • This past winter, I had a tree cutting accident.  My lower right leg was trapped under the tree.  My right leg and back had been hurting so my doctor suggested therapy and I said I wanted to work with Stewart, as I had great success in 2013 with rehabilitation at Mountaincrest.  Anyway, I am now pain-free in normal day to day activities with both my leg and back.


    Dave Leininger

  • When I started therapy I was needing two canes to walk and I was in pain except when sitting.  After a few weeks, I was using only one cane, after therapy sessions, it still hurt but eased up in a few hours.  I still have pain but I can tolerate a lot of it.  I started with pain about 9 on a scale of 1-10.  Now I’m usually about 2 until later in the day.  If I stand too long or walk too long it brings on the pain. I can tell my strength has definitely increased.  All of the therapists have been great, and I hope in time the pain will lessen.

    Rod Gibbbons

  • All of my experiences with the staff (John, Stewart, Chenoa & Tristan) were very knowledgeable and personable. The various exercises were strenuous and most required concentration. Leg exercises were successful, but I believe my problem with leg weakness is due to back problems.  I came here, I can’t walk because of pain. Now I am walking a lot better, I am able to walk on trails again. The balance exercises I felt were useful & successful.  I regain back 95% overall.

    Harold Taylor

  • I had trouble with movement on my ankle because of a bad injury and surgery. And now after 20 visits, my ankle is much better, about 80%. Thanks to all that worked with me, very helpful and friendly and I look forward to going back to work again.

    Sherry Ahart

  • Before therapy, I was slumping forward and my spine was out of alignment. My doctor prescribed therapy with Stewart at Mountaincrest (FYZICAL). My Spine is now straight and I am standing up. I feel Great! Thanks to Stewart and his team.

    Norman Roesener

  • I came to therapy to improve my strength and flexibility after two hip replacements.  Prior to therapy I had very poor balance and could not reach my feet.  After therapy, my general balance is vastly improved and my flexibility is much better.  Although I haven’t reached all my goals, I feel with continued regular exercise all will be attained.  The staff here is the best and they do everything they can to make each patient feel wanted and cared for.  It is a pleasure to work with such professional people.

    James Moller

  • When I first started here, my back pain was severe and constant. This caused me to limit my activities in my lifestyle. The treatments I received here by all of the therapy employees have really helped to make my life more enjoyable. Though I know my age still restricts my mobility, I am now able to do many things that could not be done before the treatments. My thanks to all that helped in making my life so much more enjoyable.

    LeRoy Kostka

  • Had about 25 treatments and the objective was to improve balance after a stroke.  I feel I have improved balance somewhat but at 80 years of age, it’s not like my balance was years ago.  The computer test showed my balance was better. I’m enjoying going down to my steep boat dock again and going fishing which I never thought I would be able to do again before coming to FYZICAL.

    Ray Engstrom

  • Another great experience! Pain in my heel use to limit my standing activities and having a hard time walking around. My heel pain has greatly diminished and my activities have greatly improved. Looking forward to getting back to full activities again!

    Barbara Hurst

  • I am extremely happy with the help I got from FYZICAL.  My legs were weak and had back muscle pain.  I had trouble walking, standing up and putting on my shoes.  After PT my legs are much stronger, the back pain is a lot less, and I have no problems putting on my shoes.  My overall physical condition is much better, and I expect to be golfing again in a few weeks.  I plan to continue working out with the exercises I did during PT.  Thanks very much to the entire FYZICAL crew!

    James Gutowski

  • Before Fyzical therapy, I was very stiff. Back hurting very badly, I had trouble bending and was feeling I was falling forward all the time. I can’t even walk straight because I feel that I am going to fall and stumble forward. I am now feeling more stable and able to bend easier. Can even turn my head without losing what I am reading.

    Jon Ridgway

  • Recent Patient

  • Recent Patient

  • Joe F.

  • Through therapy, the pain is less. Before therapy, it was very difficult to do activities like shopping, walking short distances and standing to the extent that I have to sit down. With therapy, it has improved and it is down to 2/10 when I side bend to reach for something or even just standing from a 6/10 before.

    Arlene Alford

  • I think my experience here has been very helpful. I had trouble before walking around the round things. Now I am doing better. The arch supports really help my balance. I am doing better now that I feel more relaxed and confident. At home I had to touch things to get around. Now I feel much better about that. I can walk without holding on.

    Betty Wyckoff

  • When I first came I had a pain of 9/10. Unable to walk without walker. Unable to stand form sitting without pushing off from arms. Now pain is at 1. Much better! I am able to walk without walker. I am able to stand from sitting without pushing off from arms. Staff very caring and knowledgeable. Staff very helpful with all my needs.

    Cheryl Scheele

  • Dec. 19, 2017
    First day, I was walking slow because my back, lower and upper, hurt so bad. Shots in my back given a number of times, were not helping for any length of time. My pain level was 9-10; I would have paid a 20!!!! I couldn’t bend over or pick items of the floor. I couldn’t stand long, the pain was so bad. I had difficulty getting out of a chair or sleep well at night. My arthritis was so painful.
    As of Jan. 19, 2018: I am feeling much better! My pain level is around a 3-4, and haven’t had to supplement with hydrocodone. I walk faster, stand longer, and sleep much better. Still have mild to medium low back pain. My upper back is much better also. I’m so glad I came, first wish I could get rid of the arthritis.

    Barbara Jean Moore

  • My experience with MountainCrest has been great. I feel they have helped me very much. My confidence is much improved. All the therapists are great. They all are so considerate and kind (even John) I feel great after each session.

    Mary A. Osborn

  • Yes, I found that I was stooping over and that my steps were slower and shorter. Now I have learned to arch my back and use my arms to counterbalance my center of gravity, giving me much better balance when walking also I can turn better while staying balanced.

    Harvey Klitzke

  • I had knee replacement about 5 years ago. My other knee is now bothering me. I was getting imbalance. I have worked on balance and strength. Now I am feeling better and not scared to move around. All of the therapists have been pleasant and knowledgeable.

    Helen Eidem

  • I am thankful for this place and all the care they show each patient. They are friendly but professional, I have experienced so many different exercises that have helped me and that I can continue at home, I am more confident in walking without wandering if I am going to fall and am able to bend over without support.

    Ardis Huke

  • Came in with A LOT of difficulty stretching especially on my back. Did exercises to stretch. I feel much improved just in 1 session. Not able to lie down before therapy. Now much improved !! Left felt heavier when picking it up now feels 80% better.

    Joan J. Swenson

  • I came here having trouble making a fist and had little strength with my right hand, I now have much more strength and very little pain. It has been a very good experience. I will continue to stretch my wrist at home and work with squeezer spring at home.

    Richard D. Ellis

  • My experiences at MountainCrest have been very positive. When I was having back issues, then started treatment immediately. Within a week, I was able to function without pain or limitations. Prior to treatment I had serious problems standing to cook or do dishes, I also continued to struggle with a comfortable and painless sitting position. I no longer require treatment and the problems have been corrected.

    Robert J. Smittle

  • When I first started with the dizziness it was everytime I moved my head either way or got up or sat down. I went to Doctor Regland and he gave me a treatment and it helped when I looked to the left. I still had all the other symptons on the right side. I then went for therapy with MountainCrest Fyzical Therapy with Stewart Ong. After three weeks, I could move my head in any directions without getting dizzy or feeling that I will fall. Sleeping at night is now great, I don’t feel like I will fall out of bed and the room does not spin around. I am very impressed with the staff of Mountaincrest Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center and the therapy I received here. They are very thorough and do an excellent therapy. I am very grateful to them for helping me. I can now sit, stand, and turn without the fear of falling or getting sick to my stomach.

    Betty Boling-Stull

  • I have experience in severe back pain while sitting on couch for 2-3 hours watching TV – after laser treatment I have very little back pain – if any after 3 to 4 treatments!

    Ralph Bock

  • I had to use my walker to get in here the first time. That was difficult. I had to stretch on the stairs before beginning work on the hoist weight machine, the stepping machine, leg up on the wall, massaging of the knee cap area, standing without hands in chair, ice and electrical stimulation. I walk now with a cane or walker, or short distance without either -continue to improve.

    Robert Bumgardner


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